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Site terms of service




当会は、本サイト上のコンテンツの内容(画像・文字)について妥当性や正確性について保証するものではなく、一切の責任を負い兼ねます。 本サイトのコンテンツやURLは予告なしに変更されることがあります。あらかじめご了承願います。 理由の如何に関わらず、情報の変更及び本サイトの運用の中断または中止によって生じるいかなる損害についても責任を負うものではありません。





Site Terms of Use
In the case of the use, please consent to the content of these Terms of Use in "the Kyoto Tanpei web site" that Kyoto Tanpei runs. When you cannot consent, please refrain from the use of this site. Because you may change it about the contents of these Terms of Use as needed, please review the latest contents placed in this page on the occasion of the use.
Use condition, Exemption from responsibility
Our meeting cannot take responsibility for all not a thing to guarantee about validity and accuracy about the contents (image, letter) of the contents on this site. Contents and the URL of this site may be changed without a notice. Please understand it beforehand. It is not a thing taking responsibility about any damage to produce by interruption of a change of the information and the use of this site or cancellation for whatever reason.
Our meeting holds the copyright of the contents (except the work) of this site. I cannot use the second such as a reproduction, conversion, distribution, the sale without permission. Because a copyright subsists in an author, and there is the right to use of the organiser in a contest exhibition work again, the work placing does not recognize での use without permission. Please be careful by any chance when you were used without permission because you are ready to take legal measures.
This site is a nonprofit site and does not think about selling a photograph, but aims at getting rid of copyright infringements such as the unauthorized use of the photograph, copyright contempt.
About a link
I can perform the link to this site freely as a general rule. But the link from the applicable site is below not accepted firmly.
•Site to slander our meeting or third party, and to slander
•The site that might spoil the trust of our meeting, dignity against illegal contents, public order and morals
•The site that judges that our meeting is inappropriate
When it is recognized that I violate either matter of the agreement, and our meeting offers link deletion, please delete the link immediately.